Maintaining A Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a blessing. The feeling of having a human being growing in a person’s womb is a true miracle and confirmation of God’s greatness. But if pregnancy is not well taken care of, it can result in many issues such as maternal death, fetal death and some birth defects. Screening during pregnancy is crucial to a great delivery and great life. Even common malaria can result in complications. During pregnancy, a doctor may recommend a variety of screenings, tests and scans. One of the screenings done is an obstetrics ultrasound. This screening helps determine the position of the baby, the lie, presenting part(head or breech),certain birth defects, level of amniotic fluid, placenta position, weight of fetus, sex etc. It is also used to determine the estimated age, estimated date of delivery, number of fetus, if it’s an ectopic or intrauterine pregnancy.”

And with the advancement of technology, 4D ultrasound imaging is now a thing. This allows the doctor to visualize the unborn baby moving in real time. This provides a live action view. And guess what, this obstetric ultrasound has no known risks other than small discomfort on the mother due to the probe pressure on your tummy. But who cares about the discomfort, when you are seeing your baby like it’s with you. So why not take advantage of e-Clinic and diagnostics to make it your first choice diagnostic center for your 4D ultrasound. Let’s show you your unborn baby in 4D levels. Illnesses that develop during pregnancy can be fatal both to the mother and fetus if not handled swiftly. Screening during pregnancy cannot be overemphasized. Pregnancy is divided into trimesters.  First, second, third trimester…  Hence certain screenings are best done in different trimesters. It is of great importance to have you screened during pregnancy. Imagine the horror, to carry a pregnancy for 9 months, deliver the baby only to discover it’s a still birth or the baby has a birth defect. All these can be averted early by attending antenatal and screening yourself. Some of the tests that are important and should be done at our level of healthcare in this part of the world

This include:

  • Full blood count
  • Malaria tests
  • TORCH screening (Toxoplasmosis, Others [syphilis, HIV, varicella],Rubella, Cytomegalovirus, Herpes).
  • AFP:- Alpha Feto-protein screening
  • PCV and hemoglobin
  • Urinalysis and urine m/c/s
  • Blood glucose level
  • hCG:- Human chorionic gonadotropin
  • Blood grouping and rhesus screening

All these tests are done at our facility. There is also home service/collection of sample available in case you are too heavy or feel the need to be pampered a bit (No worries the cost is on us). So show your unborn baby some love and visit us at
No 3 Agadez Street off Aminu kano crescent wuse 2 Abuja.