Tips to Prevent High Blood Pressure

AS we join the rest of the world to mark the 2020 World Hypertension Day on May 17, the need to avoid a hypertension diagnosis became more paramount.
Here are a few tips to remain in top shape and prevent hypertension

1.Healthy Lifestyle
Making healthy lifestyle choices such as maintaining a healthy weight is crucial.
People who are overweight should try to lose weight, and people of normal weight should avoid adding kilos.


2.Balanced diet

A balanced diet is also important. Eating healthy foods can help keep the blood pressure under control with fruits and vegetables and limiting the intake of excess calories, fat, and sugar.
Reduction of salt helps lower blood pressure.
Also, avoid late dinner and don’t sleep immediately after.



regular exercise

Regular exercise for about 30 minutes five times a week is a good start.
Aim for 10000 steps daily


4.Limit alcohol intake
Limiting alcohol intake is also crucial. Also, monitor your blood pressure regularly.


5. Be proactive against stress
Stress cannot be ruled out in our everyday activity but knowing the limit we can stress ourselves is paramount.
Get to have a good relaxation and free your mind from unachievable ventures.

6. Avoid smoking
Smoking shortens the lifespan by destroying lung cells and exposing one to cancer.
Stop taking any form of nicotine as much as possible


Fasting is a good lifestyle. It helps detoxify your body and contributes greatly to overall health and wellbeing.
Try to fast 2x a week but take water(therapeutic fast).

8.High quality sleep and rest

Sleep for about 7-9hrs daily, it helps to activate your body’s healing hormones.
Try to get refreshing sleep.

9.Medical check-up
Don’t wait till you feel sick before you go for a medical check-up, once you are 40yrs, you actually do need an annual medical check-up.
Your Doctor would now talk to you on other ways of improving your health status.

A blood pressure reading in the range of 120-139/80-89 mmHg increases the risk of developing hypertension.

Conquer small goals, such as snacking on fruits and vegetables instead of junk food, and continue to practice these good habits until they are a part of your daily routine.

Please stay safe