World Kidney Day 2022: Kidney Health for All

The kidney is both an endocrine and exocrine bean-shaped organ, located just below the ribcage at the posterior abdominal wall with the right kidney slightly lower than the left one to make space for the liver. Its basic functions include:
-To remove waste products, drugs and balance the body fluids.
-To produce red blood cells.
-Regulation of blood pressure
-And promotes strong bone by producing active form of Vitamin D.
The kidney receives about 25% of the cardiac output.

Epidermological studies have shown that globally, 850 million people have some form of kidney disease and it is increasing annually. It is important to know that the risk of kidney diseases in women are greater than that in men due to pregnancy complication.

Some important causes of kidney diseases include: -Diabetes Mellitus
-Alcohol abuse
-Drug abuse
-Family history
-Abnormal kidney structure

Symptoms of kidney disease include frequent urination, blood in urine, frothy urine, swollen extremities, frequent muscle cramps, rashes and body itching especially at the back and arms.

The following measures can be taken to make sure that the kidney is in check:
-Proper monitoring of the blood pressure and sugar
-Frequent fluid intake, at least about 3-4 litres per day (especially early in the morning)
-Lifestyle modification and weight monitoring. Avoid smoking and exercise frequently
-Diet modification and prosperity feeding especially water soluble vitamins
-Early diagnosis especially for high risk patients.
-Routine kidney check (kidney function test and scan)
-Proper drug ingestion especially over the counter drugs.
-Specialist consultation for any of the above symptoms

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